Highway to Hell

Chapter 2
Can't Find My Way Home

After looting the warehouse for money, tools, and improvised weapons, the Demons decided to head to Mason’s Ridge. It is the site of the nearest Facility that has their covers’ metadata. By erasing this data they will no longer be flagged as potential fallen angels.

They arrived in Mason’s Ridge to find a large town being overlooked by a huge factory complex on the ridge. This factory, Avatar Manufacturing, was the Facility the demons needed to break into. After some discussion they head to a nearby diner to grab some food. Along the way they notice two interesting things, one is more of the fake highway patrol cars, and the second is the surprisingly large amount of security cameras in town. These cameras seemed to cover almost every square inch of exterior.

The demons entered the Silo Diner to talk about their plan. An unusually cheery waitress took their order and when they ask her about the cop cars, she acted like they are pulling a prank on her. There was a pulse of Aether and Tanner started to panic, going for his gun. They quickly left and noticed on the check is a note saying to be at Manson’s Motel, room 5 at 9 o’clock.

Since they didn’t know if it is AM or PM, they headed to the motel where Tanner and Chester sat in room 5, and Hector befriended a sullen desk boy.

Chester and Hector had decided not to tell Tanner about the note so, not knowing any better, Tanner used the desk boy, Carter, to hook him up with another teenager to do some urban exploration. Carter promised to do so if Tanner would buy him beer and Tanner agreed, forgetting that liquor is not sold in Minnesota on Sundays.

After buying some non-alcoholic beer Tanner met up with the urban explorer, Frank. Frank admitted that he has never tried to get into the Avatar factory due to security being so tight. He did say that the security cameras were new, and that they were being put up at about the same time the city constructed a new maintenance shed at the old train-yard.

Tanner and Frank went to the yard where Tanner picked the lock to the shed. He was about to open the door but stopped when he felt a heavy blanket of Aether and heard growling coming from within. Instead he feigned being sick and convinced Frank to take him out of the yard.

Tanner also was able to learn from Frank that two different trucking companies truck out equipment from Avatar.

Meanwhile at 9 PM Irv “The Perv” Lansky, the owner/cook of the Silo diner, arrived at the motel. He revealed that he was a demon as well, and concerned with all the new Unchained breezing through his town. Apparently the night before two Unchained had arrived and gone up to the plant, but had yet to return. Irv invited the three demons back to the Silo, which was revealed to be Irv’s suborned Infrastructure.

Irv informed the three that he would help if possible, because no matter what them making noise helped him. He first told them that the cameras around town sense Aether, but that’s it. You can do anything in font of them and as long as you don’t give off Aether no one will notice.

He also said that the factory is guarded for certain with a fence and human security, it is likely there is more angelic guards as well.

Finally he gave them the names of two individuals two he knows for a fact are either stigmatic or simply not human.

Chapter 1
Free Fallin'

Chester was late to his mission. Only by a few minutes, but because of him, seven other angels fell that night, in the House of Coates tavern.

The tavern exploded under the massive reality-shifting pressures, left was right, up was down, water turned to gas, air to fire. Chaos broke out and in the remains of the tavern, three fallen angels, now Unchained demons, found each other and fled. The three of them still thought of themselves as their Cover identities.

Chester, the spark that lit the fuse, was a long-range food trucker, delivering breadstuffs via his semi. But due to being late, he didn’t arrive in time to play his part in the death of Ethan Booths.

Hector was a member of a blues duo with his partner Tony. They were Shields, sent to protect a few individuals from the shooting that was about to happen. The lack of any danger caused Tony to Fall first and Hector, loyal friend that he is, followed Tony. In the madness caused by the eight-fold Fall, Tony vanished and Hector found himself alone.

Tanner, the punk kid and burglar was supposed to stick the joint up, but when the moment came for him to be stopped….he quite simply wasn’t. Of the three Demons, Tanner is the one most alarmed by their current situation, and most eager to return to the Machine.

The three demons managed to avoid the investigating mortal and immortal law enforcement. Though they were pulled over by a suspicious highway patrolman who didn’t seem to be human, they bluffed their way past him and broke into an Amish furniture warehouse where they rested and regrouped.

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